La Liga Patriótica Argentina en el Congreso Nacional (1919-1960). La pervivencia del poder político entre bastidores

Palabras Clave: Liga Patriótica - Argentina - legislación - poder

The Argentine Patriotic League in the National Congress (1919-1960). The continuity of political power behind the scenes

This historical research aims at adding to the historiography that analyzes from different theoretical and methodological approaches and guidelines, the way in which the Argentine Patriotic League acted a centenary elite national institution. It is to raise awareness of the proposals in the legislative framework, which have not been addressed by the Argentinean historiography. Besides, it is also to interpret this parliamentary debate as one of the instruments to be used by the League in order to endure over time and to influence in the decisions taken; even though the representative political parties of middle-class were in charge of the Executive. The entity overcame with its strong and at the same time winding actions, the coup and different profiles of national governments. The national identity and the social control continued being, during the second half of the 20th century, the argumentative pillars to preserve part of the power behind the scene of the politics.

Key Words: Patriotic League  - Argentina - legislation - power



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