Gestión de la mirada, género y publicidad.

Palabras clave: imagen - mirada - publicidad - género

Management of the gaze, gender and advertising

The main point of the following proposal is the theoretical reflection on some categories related to Visual Studies and, especially, to the regimes of (in) visibility in relation to the production, circulation and interpretation of images in our society. On this occasion, we are interested in those images corresponding to television spots for advertising campaigns of cleaning products, which circulate on regional television channels. We have noticed that this corpus gives us some indications of reading about what to look at and how to do it, in relation to everyday life habits and the female figure associated with household chores. As we have been doing for a while, we look for regularities in advertising messages, such as discursive resources that are repeated and collaborate in confirming, the hypothesis that the iconic advertising discourse contributes to the installation of beliefs and to the resulting consumption habits of the viewers or receivers.

Keywords: image - visibility - publicity - gender

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