Análisis de los vínculos Familia-Empresa en los Contratistas de Maquinaria Agrícola Pampeanos

Palabras Claves: contratistas de maquinaria agrícola - empresas familiares - familia

Analysis of family-business relationship in the Pampeanos Agricultural Machinery Contractors

The Agricultural Machinery Contractor companies, very common in the agricultural grain production of the Pampean commodities in Argentina (soybeans, corn, sunflower, wheat, barley and sorghum, mainly), are family businesses with important levels of capitalization. In those companies, despite being inserted in a dynamic and technological market, the family dimension continues to be for several reasons of great influence. Based on a nationwide survey of 426 companies and interviews with contractors and employees of companies providing services, we explored the family-company relationships in the Pampean agricultural machinery service providers. In this paper, we will show how the family dimension could explain the structure of the companies, the business strategies and the interplay of symbolic and cultural capital.

Keywords: agricultural machinery contractors - family businesses - family

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