Caminando la justicia ambiental: una comunidad de práctica en el humedal Laguna de Rocha

Walking Environmental Justice: A Community of Practice in the Wetland Laguna de Rocha

    Since 2008 the Ecological Collective “United for Laguna de Rocha,” organizes activities like public walks in the wetland Laguna de Rocha in the province of Buenos Aires. In 2012, the wetland was transformed into a provincial nature reserve, but the issue of what exactly to protect was not settled. This study treats the ways the Ecological Collective practices environmental justice to protect the wetland, through walks and other activities. The walks are a momentaneous appropriation of private land, which is seen as commons. Environmental justice is here viewed as the right to an opinion by the citizens and neighbors, and to participate in the decision making about the use of territories that influence their lives. The activities in the wetland are in line with a general expansion of the environmental justice movement that includes access to ecosystem services and commons. We examine environmental justice as a community of practice.

    Keywords: environmental justice - community of practice - wetlands - ecosystem services

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