Remitente: Casal. Reflexiones en torno a la construcción del sujeto en el epistolario casaliano

Sender: Casal. Reflections on the construction of the subject in the Casalian epistolary

     This paper aims to research on a nearly unexplored area of the production of the Cuban writer Julián del Casal (1863-1893), one of the most representative literary figures of Hispanic American Modernism. It is part of a larger research, still in progress, and the result of the first stage dedicated to the discoursive configuration of subjectivity in Casal’s journalistic production. Besides, this text will be focused on the way in which the enunciating subject constructs itself discoursively in a part of his writings inscribed in the sphere of the private and the intimate: Casal´s epistolary.

     The objective of this paper is to analyze the construction of the enunciating subject in the Casal´s epistolary discourse and will be structured in the following sections: the “Presentación” where significant moments and episodes of the writer’s life will be recovered, “Darío y Casal” wich refers to the relationship through letters exchanged between both modernists writers, “A Magdalena Peñarredonda” and “A Carmelina”, sections that contextualize the sending subjects and analyze the letters, and finally the "Conclusion".

    Keywords: epistolary - Julián del Casal - La Habana - modernismo hispanoamericano

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