Negocio yerbatero: expansión y exclusión en la economía regional

Yerba Mate business: expansion and exclusion in the regional economy

     The production and marketing of Yerba Mate in the world has 400 years of history: it dates back to the first Spanish settlement in Asunción (Paraguay) and the interbreeding that occurred with the natives of the region and its customs, among them the intake of the infusion. The market reached all of Peru’s viceroyalty. Currently the main consumption occurs in Mercosur and Syria. It is also exported to twenty countries on five continents. Making this regional economy a lucrative, consolidated and expanding business, which generates profit accumulation and economic concentration in a handful of large processing industries, while social exclusion in 15 thousand small producers and other so many rural workers. From bibliographic sources, statistics and official regulations, in this work we make a brief historical tour on yerba mate production, a current analysis of the world market, national production and its demand, as well as the unequal distribution of the income involved.

     Keywords: yerba mate - economic accumulation - social exclusion


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