De cómo del Territorio Nacional obtuvimos patrimonio… El Parque Nacional Iguazú, el gobernador Acuña y Exequiel y Alejandro Bustillo

How we obtained heritage from the National Territory...The Iguazú National Park, Governor Acuña, Exequiel and Alejandro Bustillo

The current sources of rest and energy recomposition indicate natural spaces as those which give their users peace and shelter. This makes their sustained protection a constant since the early twentieth century, when special attention was paid to the construction of sufficiently strong arguments to support the selection and protection of these natural sites: places where nature behaves in a relevant way and because of which defense is indicated. Argentina, a pioneer along with two other countries –the three of America: USA, Canada and Argentina– in this, had an initial management by Exequiel Bustillo, first president of Parques Nacionales. This paper covers those early times since the relationship between the then governor of the National Territory of Misiones, Lawyer Carlos Acuña, and the Architect Alejandro Bustillo, in the framework of the consolidation of national borders.

Key words: provincialization – heritage – history – architecture – Bustillo

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