Avatares del Territorio Nacional y la provincia de Misiones. De las obras de Bustillo a las obras del Moderno de Misiones en entornos naturales

Avatars of the National Territory and the province of Misiones. From Bustillo to the works of the Modern Movement in Misions in natural environments

The concern with the relationship between the natural and built environment, the natural and cultural heritage, assume a relevant role for touristic development. It is of interest to value the existing natural heritage in the tourist accommodations of the Modern Movement in Misiones –MMM-. We plan to investigate the background that led to the construction of works that were erected at the mercy of the protection of natural areas in the National Territory with the creation of National Parks in Argentina and in Misiones, and that preceded the occurrence of the provincialization in 1953 and the architectural constructions of the Modern Movement. It is also important to survey the existing flora in the landscaped spaces of the MMM tourist accommodations, considering the attractiveness for the visitors, in order to make suggestions for their conservation and use

Keywords: heritage - protected areas - tourism - modern movement in Misiones.

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