Idea hecha materia. La Arquitectura del Movimiento Moderno en Misiones

Idea made matter. The Architecture of the Modern Movement in Misiones

Taking into account the epochal conditions that the Modern Movement had in general in Argentina, in Misiones - with its preliminary projects - there is a unique opportunity to work this movement from two aspects: the language of modernity with local adaptation of its productions and the transition -from territorial to citizen - that the inhabitants of the province make, accompanied along that process of change by the architecture. This will give place to the quantity and quality of works that remain in the territory and to a new generation of great architects of Argentine modernity who, doing their first works here, will be installed in the local environment through the construction of the architectural field, even in times prior to its major projects, such as the Civic Center of La Pampa and the Bank of London, in the case of Clorindo Testa.

Key words: heritage – architecture – history – modern movement

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