La mirada (de)vuelta. El regreso del departamento de Extensión Universitaria de la Universidad de Buenos Aires a Isla Maciel

Palabras clave: educación de jóvenes y adultos - extensión universitaria - educación popular - Universidad de Buenos Aires - historia de la educación

The look (of) return. The return of the Department of University Extension of the University of Buenos Aires to Isla Maciel

In 1956 the University of Buenos Aires decided to create the Department of University Extension. The political-pedagogical project of the Department of University Extension had as objective to concretize the aspiration of a university for the people. The focus of his work was on the development of actions of popular education with youth and adults in Maciel Island. There, for ten years, educational, health and welfare actions were carried out to solve the problems of the inhabitants of the island, based on a joint work between the university and the community. The project ended in 1966 when Ongania´s coup d’état took place. Fifty years later, in 2016, the members of the Department of University Extension returned to the Island. The article consists of a photographic essay that tells the return.

Keywords: youth and adult education - university extension - popular education - University of Buenos Aires - education history



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