Perfiles de estudiantes y profesores de ELE en la región NEA de Argentina. Aproximaciones a resultados y necesidades

Palabras clave: español lengua extranjera - estudiantes - profesores - región NEA

Profiles of students and professors of ELE in the NEA region of Argentina. Approaches to results and needs

From the perspective of foreign students who demand to learn to communicate in Spanish in our universities (FHyCS- UNaM and FH-UNNE) the article tries to develop some problematizing axes around which we carry out a space of shared research. The current state of the teaching-learning of ELE in the international context and in Argentina constitutes the frame to describe the insertion of both Universities in the ELSE consortium and the dynamics of the certification evaluations (CELU exams). The experience of teaching Spanish to foreign students places us before the tensions of defining what Spanish to teach and how to train teachers for that objective, based on a critical review of approaches and methods of approach articulated with the findings and results partial of a semiotic search concerned with meanings and the senses.

Keywords: spanish foreign language - students-professors - NEA region

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