Historia, entramados y cruces de la cultura fronteriza: efectos en los discursos

Palabras claves: portuñol - frontera - cultura - discurso

History, framework and exchange of border culture: effects on speech

Among the distinctive features of the province of Misiones, we will find its multilingualism, since Spanish coexists with other languages. Such is the case of Missionary Border Portuguese (PMF), a linguistic peculiarity that occurs in the area of the province bordering Brazil. PMF is mostly a mother tongue –especially in rural areas– which not only determines a specific way to communicate, but also conditions its speakers’ world view and establishes different social practice. As a result of a research project based on reading pieces of speech of speakers of this language, this article will acknowledge the way in which speakers see themselves, their culture and their language. Simultaneously, it will delimit the place PMF has in front of the official language –Spanish– and the effect it has on pedagogical discourse.

Key words: portuñol - border - culture - speech


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