Configuraciones identitarias del pueblo Mbya: controversias discursivas ficcionales y periodísticas

Palabras claves: discurso social - configuraciones culturales - efectos de sentido - mbya guaraní - dispositivos - formas de interpelación

Identity configurations of the Mbya people: fictional and journalistic discursive controversies

The common feature of the different debates about Mbya guaraní culture is its contradictory character: idealisation, contempt, indifference or the rejection of their cosmovision from a progressive perspective. The initial part of this article seeks to identify the different conceptions about this culture, characterise their function and the effects that they have on journalistic and fictional discourse. This analysis allows us to undestand how these dispositives –directly or indirectly, voluntarily or involuntarily- influence and condition our ways of understanding and valuing them. By so doing, the article seeks to contribute towards the reflection, analysis, and strategic decisions on possible intercultural projects of diverse nature

Key words: social discourse - cultural configurations - reading effects - mbya-guarani - dispositives - types of interpelation

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