De la escuela secundaria a la academia. Reflexiones en torno a los textos escritos y maneras de leer

From high school to academy. Reflections on written texts and way of reading

   This work aims to invite readers to think that many of the difficulties observed in students around reading academic texts do not respond to natural deficits or skills poorly learned during high school, but particularly to the new ways in which academic culture presents, very different in its texts and practices but also unknown to those who wish to enter it. An attempt is made to consider and call for reflection on how the written texts that usually circulate in school culture (the lessons of school textbooks) and the written academic discourses that circulate and are demanded in the reading practices of the higher level are linguistically and discursively; as well as making inferences about the type of reading they require.

   Keywords: reading - school texts - academic texts - higher level income

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