Volviendo a los procesos de lectura y escritura: Reflexiones metadiscursivas

Returning to the processes of reading and writing: Metadiscursive reflections

   This article presents some displays of an ongoing research about reading and writing practices in the Secondary School-Higher Studies passage, as well as the discursivities and textualities that circulate in this area of institutional thresholds and tensions, but also, subjective and passionate. From a multiplicity of theoretical categories (such as academic-early literacy, metadiscourse, semiosis, passions, ethos, translation, commentary, among others) belonging to various disciplinary fields, this article will propose analytical routes around two corpus of analysis: a set of metadiscursive/reflective voices-texts of students on the threshold, in dialogue with a series of textual plans and reading reports.

   Keywords: reading -writing - threshold - metadiscourse

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