Puesta en mundo: narrativas transmedia y lógicas audiovisuales

World setting: Transmedia narratives and audiovisual logics

   Expansive, immersive, interactive and digitally based, transmedia narratives update historical forms of expanded storytelling and alter the modern tradition of work and storytelling as a closed system. In this context, the notion of diegesis becomes central, mainly in fictional design, by accounting for the possibility of the overflow of the created world in relation to the concrete text and the creative gaps that remain between stories and establishing the frame of reference for interactive practices.

   In this landscape, there have also been displacements in relation to the languages and devices around which the narrative maps are configured, moving from writing and the book to the screen and the audiovisual. Thus, given the multi-code condition of audiovisual language and its reticular structure, audiovisual design can offer useful concepts and tools when analyzing and / or configuring the worlds that give rise to transmedia narratives.

   Keywords: transmedia narrative - design - diégesis - audiovisual

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