Reflexiones discursivo-gramaticales sobre el continuum portugués-portuñol-español en el proceso de alfabetización inicial en San Pedro, Misiones

Discursive-grammatical reflections on the Portuguese-portuñol-Spanish continuum in the initial literacy process in San Pedro, Misiones

   The reflections presented in this essay are the result of years of interest and research on the linguistic and discursive situation that are located in a very significant area in our province for the person who writes: San Pedro. Here, the contributions of history, demographic and population data, together with studies on literacy and languages in contact (throughout the region) give rise to understanding of this territory to be a space for dialogue between cultures and languages. This allows me to put the focus of attention on the interaction in the classroom, on the evolution of daily life on the borders (geopolitical and linguistic). Here, I will present an discursive-grammatical analysis of expressions emitted by observant children in their initial literacy process in the rural areas of Colonia Alegría, San Pedro, Misiones.

   Keywords: initial literacy - Portuguese- portuñol - spanish continuum - heteroglossia - dialogism

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