Situación actual de los indicadores para la evaluación de la producción en Ciencias Humanas y Sociales en la Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Current situation of indicators for evaluation of human and social sciences in National University of Misiones, Argentina

   The Human and Social Sciences (CHS) are sciences with their own methodology and a relatively recent constitution, with which the criteria and indicators to evaluate their productions are poorly developed. Faced with this problem, it is imperative to establish evaluation criteria and indicators that are more appropriate to the nature and methodology of the human and social sciences immersed in their regional context.

   For this reason, the project "The evaluation of productions in the human and social sciences in institutional and regional contexts" 16H-467, aims to reveal the state of play of the indicators currently used to evaluate scientific production in the field of CSHs and make an attempt to adapt such indicators to regional realities, trying to establish more contextualized and comprehensive evaluation models that address the heterogeneity of scientific production.

   Keywords: science evaluation - indicators - regional context - social and human sciences

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