Un ensayo contra la ternura hacia las radios escolares. Disputas y definiciones de un objeto mestizo

An essay against tenderness towards school radios. Disputes and definitions of a mestizo object

   School radios are scopes that condense disputes over the redistribution of school resources -time and space, mainly- at the same time that they represent a normative discomfort for the Law of Audiovisual Communication Services, which recognizes with difficulty this type of paradoxical experiences and legally metizo. From the field work carried out between 2017 and 2019 in different places in Misiones, we observed that, although they do not occupy a priority place within the educational institutions that host them, school radios are strategic experiences to care to in a province in which “communication needs and inequalities are many” (Millán and Casales, 2018).

   Keywords: school radios - disputes - recognition - communicative inequality

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