Alfabetización semiótica en horizontes mestizo-criollos e interculturales

Semiotic literacy in mestizo, creole and intercultural fields

     In the context of the Seminario de Políticas Lingüísticas “Categorías e intervenciones sobre las lengua mayores de la región (español-guaraní-portugués)”, we consider strategic reflection on the problem of initial literacy in schools in the province of Misiones anchored in border territories where boys and girls who cross the threshold belong to intercultural family horizons. We have found over several decades of research in the field of Semiotics categories and postulates to support situated interventions designed on the continuity of meanings of daily life and the discourses that are sustained in it while constituting it. We will try to share approximations of our semiotic investigations and the literacy proposal that we have built and tested with teachers, mainly from rural schools, who appropriated and trusted the method that puts daily experience at the center to start the writing process from narrative scenes and texts-statements sustained in habits, beliefs, memories and mestizo-creole languages.

     Keywords: semiotic literacy - borders - school thresholds - narration

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