La insostenible levedad de la ortografización del guaraní

The Unbearable Lightnessof the Guarani Orthographization

     In this paper, we intend to put into perspective one aspect of the glotopolitics of the Guaraní language, the spelling of Guaraní. The choice of letters of the alphabet, the object of historical disagreements between Guaraniologists and the foundation of purist linguistic ideologies, should not represent an obstacle to a writing On this basis, the regulations of the four spelling rules adopted by the relevant organizations will be examined and the scriptural practices of the actors linked to said regulations will be observed. This scrutinizing gaze seems all the more necessary since the writing of grammarians since the beginning of the grammarization of the Guaraní was never a standardized writing. However, it has never hindered written communication, and neither has it been in the digitalized world today. It is worth asking, therefore, if the obsessive focus on spelling does not deviate us from the essential: that the Guaraní is written and has readers.

     Keywords: glotopolitics - guaraní spelling - scriptural practices - normativization

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