Develando lo oculto: Escuela Nº 1 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (Arqs. Soto y Rivarola) Leandro N. Alem

Unveiling the hidden: the school of Leandro N. Alem by Soto and Rivarola

We will analyze some aesthetic, technological and functional foundations of one of the most emblematic works of the Modern Movement in Misiones: the Leandro N. Alem School. The current trend in these specific buildings, considered heritage assets, is for them to continue to be functional for new uses, thus interpellating conservationists and especially architects: look for better ways of intervention and thereby preserve them. This way, they can also be valued and treasured by future generations. In this context, the article states that there are many unique features of the Leandro N. Alem school building, by the architects Mario Soto and Raúl Rivarola. They deserve to be discovered and valued, not only for their aesthetic details, but also for the message and meaning that these builders wanted to leave registered there.

Keywords: Soto and Rivarola - School N° 1 Leandro N. Alem - hidden geometry- Modern Movement in Misiones

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