Las trayectorias reales de los estudiantes de Turismo: un intento por romper con el imaginario colectivo de las causales de la “deserción”

The Real Trajectories of Tourism Students: an attempt to break with the collective imaginary of the causes of “desertion”

The aim of this article is to share partial results of the Research Project “The real trajectories of the students on the first and second year of the Tourist Guide and Bachelor Degree in Tourism of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the National University of Misiones (2017-2020)”. The decrease of students number during integration at university can be understood using multiple variables that affect the composition of a complex of causalities which determine different academic trajectories and often lead to not completing higher education. This constitutes a significant problem for students, families, academic institutions and the governments in relation to quality policies in the university professional formation.

Keywords: real trajectories, tourism, decrease of students number, retention

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