Imagen compleja y pensamiento visual: imágenes de la catástrofe como escenarios de lo sin límite

Palabras claves: Desastres - Mirada - Interfaces Tecnológicas - Imágenes

Complex image and visual thinking: images of the disaster as scenarios without limit

This work sets out to explore some cognitive dilemmas that often arise when analysing the conformation of the spaces of the gaze from the paradigm of complexity (Morin, 2005) and on the threshold of a phenomenology of vision (Català Domènech, 2005). Not only conceptualized as perceptive spaces but also as mental spaces of thought and action, the spaces of gaze reconfigured constantly from the incorporation of each new device and each new technology of the vision. The most recent and dynamic transformations in the devices and ways of looking can be studied from this perspective by observing their impact to the production and circulation of a certain type of visual images in the extensive networks of the technology interface.

Key words: Disasters - Gaze - Technology Interface - Images

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