La organización en red para la atención de las cardiopatías congénitas: una experiencia de coordinación interinstitucional

Palabras claves: Red de Cardiopatías Congénitas – Cooperación - Coordinación Interinstitucional

The network organization for the attention of congenital heart diseases: an experience of inter-institutional coordination

In Argentina, Congenital Heart Disease is one of the main causes of death in the first year of life; a year, 7 thousand children are born with this anomaly, so it becomes a public health problem that has imposed unique challenges. This work reconstructs and analyzes the structure and dynamics of the Network of Congenital Heart Disease in Argentina between 2008 and 2015. The systematization and processing of information was achieved through the triangulation of secondary sources (management reports, interviews, documents and regulations); while the analysis was achieved through the application of a methodological instrument. The reconstruction revealed an experience of cooperation and inter-institutional coordination, which allowed -between 2003 and 2012- duplicating the surgeries (from 930 to 1,832); decreasing the waiting list by 84%; intervening -between 2003 and 2015- to more than 7,500 children without social work and reducing the infant mortality rate from 16.5 to 9.7.

Key words: Network of Congenital Heart Diseases – Cooperation - Interinstitutional Coordination

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