Desequilibrios regionales en la Argentina rural. Consideraciones desde la historia agraria.

Regional imbalances in rural Argentine. Considerations from the agrarian history
The following conference proposes a journey through Latin American economic and agrarian history in general and the Argentine in particular. The main topic refers to the theoretical frames of interpretation and variables of analysis of the specific sector, in this line the author mentions the theory of dependence, the New Economic History during the 1970s, the microhistory studies in the construction of the social and the new political history from 1980s. At the same time shows the “classification of the agrarian problem” from the 1930s to the present, exposing a “state of the art” regarding the agrarian question.
The re-reading of this topics is a fundamental element for a critical analysis of the past in such a large country, with profound regional imbalances, whose construction as a modern State was made behind the backs of the original past and also a necessary tool for the design of public policies for the sector.

Keywords: Agrarian issues – Regions – Power – Territory - Rural economy

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