Represión a trabajadores/as y responsabilidad empresarial en la región Gran La Plata durante el terrorismo de Estado

Palabras clave: Terrorismo de Estado - represión a trabajadores/as - responsabilidad empresarial - Región Gran la Plata

Repression against workers and business responsibility in the Gran La Plata region.

This article proposes a characterization of the business responsibility in the repression against workers during State terrorism, in the region of Gran La Platasouth of the industrial area of Buenos Aires- which includes the cities of La Plata, Berisso and Ensenada, where important industrial companies are located. It begins with the analysis of four large state and private industrial companies: Rio Santiago shipyard, Swift meat processing plant, Sudamericana Petrochemical, and Propulsora Siderurgica, where the business responsibility will be analysed from the more general aspects of the repression dynamics in the region to very concrete facts that indicate its participation. Furthermore, the article will emphasize that this process had the objective of eliminating the more combative sector of the working class, which had reached greater organization levels.

Key words: State Terrorism - Labour repression - business responsibility - Region Gran la Plata

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