400 años y más. Activación patrimonial y memoria de Concepción, un poblado histórico misionero

400 years old and more. Heritage activation and memory of Concepción, a historic town from Misiones

   Since regional history the province of Misiones has multiple towns which presents traces of the past with different vestiges of the Jesuit passage and their reductions with local indigeneous communities (1609- 1768).

   One of the towns is Concepción de la Sierra (Misiones, Argentina). In this place in 1619 – 8th december- a jesuit- guaraní reduction was founded by Father Roque Gonzalez. They called “Nuestra Señora de la Concepción de la Limpia Ibitiracuá” or “Concepción”.

   From this starting point we proposed to present different activities from three fundamental approaches: research, education and community transfer. This is also accompanied by an interdisciplinary perspective that articulates archeology, history and tourism, with one principal element: patrimonial activation of the site under study.

   Keywords: reduction – anniversary – heritage – research

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