Investigación y comunicación del conocimiento en ciencias sociales y humanas. Una mirada desde las encrucijadas latinoamericanas y el contexto global,

Research and communication of knowledge in social and human sciences. A look from the Latin American crossroads and the global context

   This article addresses the communication and visibility of scientific productionin the social sciences and humanities (SHC) and the challenges for its authors, within the framework of the paradigm shift in scientific communication. This work stems from the ongoing research that studies the evaluation processes of science in the university institutions of Northeast of Argentina (NEA), with emphasis on the Faculty of Humanities of the National University of the Northeast (UNNE).

   Based on a qualitative methodological design and a critical-hermeneutic approach, the reflections of the actors themselves were recovered, expressed in different forums for debate on the problem, and a dialectical confrontation with the theory was carried out. The semiotic analysis of the meanings of the researchers and the theoretical corpus allowed to infer integrative ideas about scientific production and communication in SHC, which are approached as an analytical dimension of scientific evaluation.

   Keywords: scientific research and communication - social and human sciences - communicational paradigm - regional and Latin American science

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