Las familias toman la calle en el barrio. Acción colectiva, participación política y disputas simbólicas en torno a lo escolar

Families take up the streets in the neighborhood. Collective action, political participation and symbolic disputes over what counts as “schooling”

   This essay argues that a group of families of a primary school takes the street and this material and symbolic intervention is a self-organised political action. On the one hand, we map out conceptual positions in Argentina around collective action in the field of schooling. On the other, we examine the features, scope, and effects of one collective action called by its creators LaMesita. This piece evidences how the study of the latter enriches the emergent (although still marginal) body of research on self-organised political action of families in primary schooling. This case will help us to critically reflect on the studies on political action around compulsory schooling. Furthermore, it allows us to argue for the need to pay more attention to local, every day and face to face interactions in order to recognise the variety of forms that struggles over the legitimate participation in schooling take place.

   Keywords: school - collective action - political participation

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